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"Bro buy XRP, and Ethereum" were the words I said, and 3 days later Urban Crypto was born.

Managing director @Beybq 🐳/ F&B consultant 🍴/ custom designed grills& smokers 🔥@Huskbeirut 🐭🐳👨🍳


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Coachella and FTX Offer Lifetime Festival Passes as NFTs

Coachella and FTX offer lifetime festival passes as NFTs. Learn more about this decision and what you can do to become a lifetime pass holder here.


Why Twitter NFT Profile Pictures Matter

Wondering why Twitter NFT profile pictures matter? Here’s everything you need to know about this new feature and how it’s being perceived by NFT fans and Twitter users!


Can Bitcoin Regulations Make Cryptocurrency Safer?

The main purpose of Bitcoin regulations is to ensure investor protection while making the cryptocurrency market less vulnerable to manipulation. Here’s all you need to know.


Why Is It Challenging to Regulate Government-Employed Algorithms

why is it hard to regulate automated decision systems


Everything you Need to Know about GALA

What is GALA? it’s the utility token native to the platform Gala Games. With that said, here’s everything you know about it, including how to buy it.

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NFTs and Blockchain-Based Games Are on the Rise Even with Recent Crypto Decline

NFTs and blockchain-based games are on the rise even though digital currencies are currently at a low point. Learn more here.


Why Is It Hard to Regulate Automated Decision Systems

Despite the limited success legislature has seen in the private sector, it has a long way to go in regulating the use of automated decision systems in both the private and public sectors. Learn more.


How Digital Assets Have Revolutionized the Way We Build Generational Wealth

Today, many people are building generational wealth with digital assets as companies provide them with compelling incentives for investment. Learn more here!


Why Utility Is Critical for Fashion NFTs in 2022

This article helps explain why some form of utility is critical for fashion NFTs in 2022. Let’s try to understand more about it.


Reflections on Bitcoin for the Year 2021 – A Month-by-Month Overview

Bitcoin came to the forefront of politics and entrepreneurship in the year 2021. However, was 2021 a good year for bitcoin or a bad one? Click to read on.


Things to avoid while trading crypto


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