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Coinbase Card Review – A Crypto Card That’s Truly Unique

Coinbase Card Review – A Crypto Card That’s Truly Unique
The Coinbase debit card certainly offers users a unique service, and it does so effortlessly. Here’s a Coinbase card review if you plan to get one.
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Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where user scan trade various types of crypto. It also has its very own debit card that can be used to make purchases at stores where Visa cards are accepted. In addition to that, users earn up to 4% back of what they spent in the form of rewards. The card has been out for customers in the UK and EU for years, but it’s relatively new to users based in the United States. Well, we’ve prepared a detailed Coinbase card review to highlight some of its features, the positives and negatives, and who it may be best for.

If you’re looking to get a new debit card and want to earn rewards on your purchases, then read on and learn more about this card.

Coinbase Debit Card Review
Coinbase Debit Card Received By Mail

What Is the Coinbase Card?

The Coinbase debit card is like any other traditional Visa debit card. Thus, you can use it at any place that accepts Visa cards. However, unlike a traditional debit card, you can use it to buy things with cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. The debit card is linked to your Coinbase cryptocurrency account balance, allowing you to make purchases with your stored crypto.

Considering most establishments don’t accept cryptocurrency as payment for their goods and services, the crypto assets have to be liquidated. Fortunately, Coinbase does that automatically for its customers, converting the crypto assets into US dollars so that you don’t have to worry about it. This feature is also available if you’re trying to take cash out of an ATM. It simply converts your digital assets into cash.

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Two Different Types of Rewards

One of the major reasons why people have started to use the Coinbase debit card is because of its rewards system. There are two different types of rewards users can earn through each purchase, and they must choose one of them. One of the rewards structures is earning 1% back of each purchase in Bitcoin.The second option is to earn 4% back of each purchase in Stellar Lumens. The value, popularity, and recent price growth last year of Bitcoin may make some users prefer the first option over the second even though the returns are lower than the second option.

The good thing about this rewards system is that you don’t have to choose one and stick with it. You can switch the rewards option whenever you want to based on which option seems better to you. This feature is particularly great, considering the prices of cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Therefore, you can switch when you feel like one may offer more returns simply due to its higher value over the other. Another great thing about this feature is that you’ll be able to start collecting rewards in both Bitcoin and StellarLumens if you continue to switch between the two reward structures. A more diverse crypto collection may offer better benefits in terms of profiting off of your savings through trade.

The Coinbase debit card certainly offers users a unique service, and it does so effortlessly. Here’s a Coinbase card review if you plan to get one.
Using Coinbase Debit Card At Burger King

Coinbase Card Review

This Coinbase card review will highlight everything you need to about the card, such as its features, its pros and cons, etc. This way, you’ll have a clearer picture of what to expect if you use it, and you can determine whether you should get one or not.

Quick and Simple Usability

What makes the Coinbase debit card special over its competitors is the fact that it does not require users to have any holding of fiat currency. Fiat currency is the term used for traditional forms of currency that are regulated by some form of authority (governments). Instead, it converts the crypto into fiat currency (USD) the moment you use the card for a transaction. It’s important to note that this conversion or liquidation of crypto assets does incur a small fee (as explained later in this Coinbase card review).

Other crypto cards require users to have a holding of fiat currency to be able to make any purchases. Therefore, the Coinbase card adds an additional level of convenience for its users because they don’t need to consistently keep liquidating their digital assets to be able to use their crypto for transactions.

Great Services of the Coinbase Debit Card

In addition to being usable wherever Visa cards are accepted, the Coinbase debit card has a variety of services that make it easy to use and relatively secure. Here are some features that are worth pointing out in this Coinbase card review.

An App to Keep Track of Your Account Balance and Spending

Users can use the Coinbase mobile app to track their balance and overall spending. It can become confusing when the currency is constantly converted for transactions. So, this app ensures you’re always up to date with how much crypto you still have saved.

The app is similar to some of the best banking apps out there. Thus, in addition to monitoring your balance, the app allows you to switch to different crypto wallets on the go. Therefore, you can select which coin you want to use to fund a specific transaction.

The app also includes other features, such as generating smart receipts, sending instant notifications, and helping connect with the Coinbase customer support team. That said, the best part of this app is that it allows users to have full control over their cards right from their mobile phones. So, you can freeze your card, request for a replacement card after your original was stolen, and so on. All of that, coupled with the fact that the layout of the app is fairly user-friendly, makes it fairly convenient to use the Coinbase debit card.

Contactless Payments

The Coinbase debit card offers contactless payment services.So, you can make your payment without handing over your card at any store that has near-field communication (NFC) enabled. Of course, it must also accept Visa cards.

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Supports a Variety of Cryptocurrencies

It’s important to highlight the various cryptocurrencies this card supports in this Coinbase card review. Therefore, Coinbase will automatically liquidate the following cryptocurrencies automatically from your balance so that you can make a purchase with your holdings.

·      Bitcoin

·      Stellar Lumens

·      Ethereum

·      Bitcoin Cash

·      Litecoin

·      Ripple

·      Dogecoin

So, you have the opportunity to diversify your crypto holdings in your wallet even if you’re using this card. That said, you must note that you can only earn rewards in the form of types of crypto: Bitcoin(BTC) and Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Top-Notch Security Features

In terms of security, the Coinbase debit card has some important features that include the following.

·      Instant card freeze allows users to immediately block all forms of transactions temporarily. Therefore, no one can use the card to make in-store payments, withdraw cash, or make online transactions. This feature exists to prevent misuse of the debit card if it were to be misplaced or stolen.

·      The 2-step verification feature makes sure that no user other than the owner (and those they’ve permitted to use it) can use it. This way, you, as the user, can keep your crypto balance safe.

Using Coinbase card to do my laundry

No Annual Fees

What makes the Coinbase debit card so popular among users is the fact that there are no annual fees. In addition to that, there are no issuance fees—at least this is the case for US-based customers. Therefore ,crypto holders do not need to make further investments to start using their crypto to make purchases.

This does not, however, mean that there are no fees at all with using a Coinbase debit card. Take a look at some fees that you may have to pay when using this crypto debit card.

A Fee for Every Transaction That Exceeds the Daily Limits

There’s a daily limit for your transactions and ATM withdrawals, which are $2,500 and $1,000, respectively. So, you will be charged a 1% fee of the amount you spend after exceeding these limits. Thus, it’s in your best interest to stay within the limit to avoid paying the additional fees.

A Fee Charged Each time a Cryptocurrency is Liquidated

Another important fee that you should know about (which is why we’ve mentioned it in this Coinbase card review) is that there’s a 2.49%crypto liquidation fee on each transaction you make using this debit card. This is the percentage for most currencies. USDC is the only token that’s free of this fee, while every other supported cryptocurrency carries this fee.

A Fee for Using the Coinbase Debit Card Outside of the US

If you’re a customer based in the United States, you can still use the card outside of the country. However, you will be charged an additional 2% fee for every transaction you make with this card when you use it outside the US.

The absence of an annual fee certainly helps welcome users who are new to crypto debit cards. That said, the other fees mentioned above prevent the Coinbase debit card from being the most affordable crypto debit card in the market. Nevertheless, it is still competitive among various other available cards.

Customer Support Services

Considering this is a finance-related service, it would be remiss for us not to talk about its customer support services in this Coinbase card review. Users can access the support services through the mobile app.

The app allows users to message Coinbase about what ever concern they have. That said, there are no representatives that you can chat with directly. Instead, it’s automated support. Moreover, all phone-related support is also automated, offering basic support features, such as information on re-enabling or disabling your account. That said, users can connect with alive representative via email. That may be inconvenient for some, but the support team is known for its prompt responses.

With that said, it’s safe to say that the customer support services are not the best out there.

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The Coinbase debit card certainly offers users a unique service, and it does so effortlessly. While it may not be the only crypto debit card available, it doesn’t require users to have any balance in fiat currency. Instead, it seamlessly converts 9 different types of cryptocurrencies into fiat currency so that you can make a transaction anywhere. The only caveat is that you have to pay a 2.49% fee for every transaction to facilitate the liquidation of your digital crypto assets. Other than that, the card is safe and easy to use, especially with its user-friendly mobile app that offers users complete control over their card on the go.

With that said, the card may not be for everyone. There’s no doubt that users that have crypto holdings in their Coinbase wallet can make good use of this card. The absence of an annual fee also means that users don’t have to use it all the time to make the most use of it. On the other hand, people who aren’t interested in cryptocurrencies and don’t want to make an investment in them won’t find much use in the card. Moreover, if you prefer credit cards over debit cards, you may want to reconsider getting a Coinbase card.

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Pros and Cons

A pros and cons list is needed for a comprehensive Coinbase card review to go over all of the card’s positives and negatives. Here’s what you must know.  


We’ll start with the positives. So here are some pros of the Coinbase debit card.

·      This debit card offers users up to 4% returns on every purchase in the form of crypto rewards.

·      It automatically liquidates up to 9 different crypto assets, allowing users to make purchases without having a fiat currency holding.

·      You can choose between two different reward structures, including earning back BTC.

·      There are no annual fee or issuance fees.

·      It includes an exceptional mobile app that makes it easy to control all aspects of your card.

·      It includes a variety of security features to keep your holdings safe.


There are only a couple of cons. This Coinbase card review lists some of them below.

·      The 2.49% transaction fee is a little steep.

·      The customer support services could offer more options for communicating with a live representative.


 Visit Coinbase and get your Debit Card!

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