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Countries Investing in Cryptocurrencies

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Countries Investing in Cryptocurrencies
The rise of cryptocurrency means more and more people are investing the market. Here's a breakdown of countries investing in the crypto market.
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While cryptocurrency is a new concept for many countries, it has become more popular than ever. A major reason for this inclination towards investing in crypto is the digitization of businesses and payment methods. Many crypto investors feel it is the currency of the future, and it might be so. Companies like Walmart are investing in Blockchain technology to revolutionize data storage mechanisms. Only recently, accounting stalwart KPMG invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the leading cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency is a bank-free exchange model that uses digital coins/tokens and non-fungible assets for online transactions. Its stock market is equally digitized. Digital crypto markets like Kraken and Coinbase are two of the most popular crypto exchanges online. As the currency garners positive reviews from investors and high-tech companies, experts believe the crypto industry will likely increase in worth and the number of cryptocurrencies in the market.

The newest trends in the crypto market show a tremendous increase in crypto mining. Businesses like Canada's TMX Group plan to launch cryptocurrency products, with many new investors showing up in the crypto market.

New investors often have issues navigating crypto markets. Beginner guides to cryptocurrencycan prove beneficial for new cryptocurrency investors.

Find out which countries are investing in cryptocurrency below:

The United States

America is leading the race, with the most people showing an increased interest in cryptocurrency investment. In 2021, 13% of Americans bought and sold cryptocurrency. Dogecoin and Ethereum remained some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in America. Despite some businesspeople having reservations about the stability of cryptocurrency, many American celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and former NBA star Paul Pierce are endorsing investments in cryptocurrency.

Crypto seems a good investment opportunity to many American businesses. Some leading American companies accepting payment in crypto include:

• Microsoft

• Starbucks

• Amazon

• Mastercard


Germany is quite active in Bitcoin investment. Its younger population is heading towards an increased Bitcoin investment, with many young Germans wanting to invest in cryptocurrency. Crypto start-ups in the country are gradually becoming popular. Top pharmaceutical company Merck is also exploring the cryptocurrency/Blockchain market.

New developments in the German crypto industry suggest Germany will allow 20% of institutional funds to be held in crypto. With time, more and more German banks are expected to invest in the Blockchain models, with start-ups authorizing payments in crypto.


It's an interesting development that Bitcoin in Nigeria is 100% legal. Many Nigerian businesses and enterprises accept payments in cryptocurrency. Nigeria offers a diverse range of investment options in cryptocurrency. You can buy crypto as assets, trade them to make profits, or engage in a cross-border transaction.

Cryptocurrency offers easy and speedy cross-border transactions. These transactions are easier to trace with a reduced cash transfer fee. It's better than banks to transfer money through crypto. Receiving payments is easy as well. Note that since crypto is a currency, it is not exclusive of tax. You need to pay tax on all crypto transactions.


A country's interest in Blockchain and crypto industry depends on its government's attitude to the growing Blockchain and crypto markets worldwide. The Swiss government has shown a positive attitude towards crypto investment and start-ups in the country. Their attitude towards purchasingcrypto tokens and non-fungible assets is pretty encouraging.

In 2018, the Swiss government laid a framework for investment in decentralized investment models like Blockchains and cryptocurrency.

Cantons in Switzerland are gradually shifting to accepting tax payments via cryptocurrency. In Switzerland, you don't have to pay taxes on profits you make via cryptocurrency. The taxexemption works for you if you're a private investor. The policy has created an increasing interest among the youth to invest in cryptocurrency.

Switzerland allows easy Bitcoin transactions from SBB vending machines installed in train stations. It has Bitcoin ATMs installed at public places to facilitate easy Bitcoin transactions. No wonder the country finds more Bitcoin investors staking in Bitcoin markets every passing day.

To invest in cryptocurrency, you should know the basics of the crypto world. You should also try looking up Bitcoin hot storage and crypto wallets.


Japan has played a major role in promoting cryptocurrency locally and internationally. Japan was one of the first countries to have trading laws for cryptocurrencies. Only back in 2016, Japan had around 16 companies managing cryptocurrency exchanges. The country is certain thatinvestment in the crypto markets will only increase with time. It can even replace investment in stock exchanges and bonds.

A recent report in Reuters highlights Japan's growing interest in cryptocurrency investment. In a consortium of leading Japanese companies, it was sketched that major banks in Japan would want to introduce a Yen-based cryptocurrency in 2022. The new crypto will be backed by bank funds and use high-tech databases to speed up bank transaction processes.

Investments in cryptocurrency are only increasing with every passing day. You can go ahead with investing a small portion of your wealth in the crypto market. You'll need some help in understanding how to stake in cryptocurrency. Simplified cryptocurrency guides would be of great help to understand cryptocurrency better. For beginner guides about cryptocurrency, go with the Urban Crypto. It's an online crypto blog perfect for beginners wanting to invest in cryptocurrency. You can read their guides or join their master class to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency investment.

Visit the blog here.

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