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Crypto Job Posts Increased by 395% on LinkedIn in 2021-2022

Crypto Job Posts Increased by 395% on LinkedIn in 2021-2022
Crypto job posts experienced a massive 395% increase on LinkedIn. Learn about this promising surge in cryptocurrency-related job postings here!
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Did you know that crypto job posts with titles containing words, such as “blockchain,” “bitcoin,” “cryptocurrency,” and “Ethereum” increased 395% in the US from 2020 to 2021? This increase outpaced the 98% listings surge experienced by the wider tech industry during the same time. Even though the tech industry more than doubled its listings, it doesn’t seem as impressive compared to the massive 395% increase in crypto-related listings.

Crypto Job Posts across Industries

Moreover, no industry was left untouched by the crypto-craze in the last year. The LinkedIn News post provided valuable insight into how crypto influenced other sectors. Even though most of the job postings were in finance and software, other industries have experienced a rise in the demand for crypto-related expertise and talent. These industries included professional services, such as consulting and accounting, along with the computer hardware and staffing sectors.

This growth trend appears to find more traction this year. The biggest, most notable exchanges in crypto are brimming with new job posts. For instance, Coinbase has more than 250 openings, and Kraken has more than 300. Meanwhile, Binance, inarguably the world’s most active crypto exchange, has more than 600 job posts.

Crypto Jobs & Earning Opportunities

For all Bitcoin maximalists and Bitcoiners, Bitcoiner jobs are the resource they need to know about as it’s a service devoted to helping connect them with Bitcoin-only companies. Bitcoiner jobs now provide around 100 Satoshi-approved careers. According to LinkedIn News, the most common titles for hiring crypto experts include blockchain developers and engineers. Austin, the San Francisco Bay area, New York City, Denver, and Miami-Fort Lauderdale had the most crypto job posts in 2021.

As for those individuals who, for some reason, cannot switch careers and join the crypto sector, you can look at a broader HR trend in crypto remuneration. This trend is evident in the choices of the mayors of Miami and New York, who announced that they would take a portion of their pay in bitcoin in 2021. Moreover, many NFL players, such as Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr., have also chosen to receive at least part of their salaries in crypto rather than earning cash.

What Brought on the Massive Surge in Crypto Job Postings?

If you’re wondering what brought on the massive spike in crypto job posts on LinkedIn, you need not look further than the influx of funding received by crypto and blockchain startups last year. According to PitchBook data, investors worldwide invested $30 billion into crypto startups in 2021!

Furthermore, public interest in cryptocurrency also exploded as high profile individuals, such as Elon Musk, A-list celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Mila Kunis, and revered athletes, such as Tom Brady, all dabbled in crypto. Meanwhile, crypto companies also entered the mainstream, which certainly created more awareness and job opportunities.

Looking toward the Future

Even though the rise in crypto job posts on LinkedIn is a welcome sight, the industry has yet to earn the trust of a wider audience. Cryptocurrency has to face an uphill journey to convince individuals of its long-term utility. Moreover, the fact that Bitcoin price has yet to impress people in 2022, the crypto industry’s growth might experience a setback. With that said, if bitcoin activity rises, it will help sustain crypto-related jobs and lead to more opportunities.

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