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How the Failure of the Timepiece Ape Society (TAS) Led to a New Project

How the Failure of the Timepiece Ape Society (TAS) Led to a New Project
He failure of the Timepiece Ape Society (TAS) led to a new project that’s focused on the community. Here’s what happened.
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An ambitious project titled Timepiece Ape Society (TAS) on discord that seemed to be a great success in many investors’ eyes has recently been doomed to failure. The project had over 70.000 followers, but the previous owners of the project quit the community with no prior announcement. At the same time, they did not provide any access to socials or discord servers. However, the failure of the Timepiece Ape Society (TAS) led to a new project. Here’s what happened. 

How This Failure Differed From Others

What is unfortunate about project failures, in most cases, is that they also harm the community. Individual investors are left with major losses, and many have even chosen to express their anger on the server’s chat. 

This situation is a little different. The community was not ready to accept the project as a failure despite the exit of the previous owners. Therefore, six members of the community took matters into their own hands and used mods from the original project to develop and create a new server which they called The Familia. After that, they focused on approaching people that would show interest, care, and passion for the project. These people were then asked to join the project. 

The community gathered as much evidence as possible on the previous owners of TAS until they managed to gain access to the contract. This allowed them to turn the project around and create what they titled TAS 2.0. 

What to Know About TAS 2.0 

TAS 2.0 featured a completely new team and owners. The focus was not on having enough funds to be a part of the project, as most members had little to no balance in their wallets. What did drive them, however, was a shared passion for the project, and they then used that to fuel their own contributions to TAS 2.0. Many used connections from their personal and professional lives to add value to the project and make it an eventual success. 

Unlike the original project, this community is focused on keeping things transparent to restore trust in the community. Thus, they have members who are ready to answer any questions the community may have about the project.  

TAS 2.0 did its first in-person collaboration with the Bling Architect (KARMASALMAN.COM), a jewelry designer based in Dubai, London, and Beirut. The designer created an exclusive design for TAS, and the holders can enter a raffle to win a caviar spoon worth $600. Thus, this was the first step in offering utility to the project, with commissions going to the community.

The failure of the Timepiece Ape Society (TAS) led to a new project: the TAS Coin on discord, where the community hosts weekly games and quizzes to win free NFTs, ETH, and WL. 

Last Few Words 

TAS 2.0 has been focused on reviving the existing community, and so they are inviting more people to join their servers and be a part of the project. 

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