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ICOs—What They Are and How to Market Them

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 ICOs—What They Are and How to Market Them
Unsure which marketing tactics will work best for new Initial Coin Offerings? Don’t fret because this post will help you learn all about them.
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ICOs are a popular form of cryptocurrency, which is also considered a highly secure option for new crypto traders and investors. ICO platforms such as Urban Crypto has made it extremely easy for crypto starters to make their way into the market without facing significant losses or risks.

ICOs, short for Initial Coin Offerings, are used by individuals and businesses to raise capital for expansion, marketing, and venture growth. They offer a lucrative opportunity to commercial entities to exploit and make money using digital currencies.

Many experts often refer to it as a crowdfunding medium. Simply put, it’s a digital way to raise capital and enjoy certain benefits that don’t come by issuing traditional IPOs.

Let’s delve deeper to understand the difference between ICO and IPO, and how companies can market ICOs for maximum growth and financial gain.

crypto holding and trading
crypto holding and trading

Cryptocurrency ICO vs. Stock IPO

Regulatory oversight is undeniably one of the main differences between a crypto ICO and a regular stock IPO. The stock market is regulated by national governments, and usually, companies have to follow a stringent policy structure to issue an IPO.

On the contrary, issuing ICOs isn’t as regulated. For instance, if you want to put an IPO up for sale, you’ll have to create a prospectus. It’s a legal document that discloses owners’ interests and key information about the company’s financials.

Whereas ICO requirements only entail the issuing of security tokens instead of utility tokens. While cryptospace is slowly becoming regulated, there’s still a drastic difference between the process of ICO and IPO launch.

Regular IPOs require companies to conduct a comprehensive financial assessment, risk-mitigating policies, and due diligence.

Marketing Your IPO: Expert Tips

Blockfi, binance, cryptospace, and blockchain are very niche markets. Though the industry is expanding, there’s a long way to go before it penetrates into our daily lives. However, cryptospace has been playing a compounding role in helping investors uncover the hidden treasures of digital assets.

Introducing an ICO is a common way of raising capital. But due to numerous types of SaaS strategies, you may not be able to apply the right tactic at the right time. It’s important to take your ICO launch slow and steady. The best way is to mix and match different marketing strategies to ensure superior results.

Here are our favorite ICO marketing tips:

1. Mingle Investors and Members

The cryptospace still has accountability loopholes. And nothing speaks “scam” more than an anonymous team launching ICOs. A new ICO team typically has several team members led by associates, managers, partners, and, of course, sponsors. The extent of your team may expand if you’re planning to launch an overseas ICO.

Therefore, to increase your team’s credibility and prove its veracity, you need to make members meet the investors. Digital platforms are the most convenient medium to create ICO awareness and boost standing newsfeeds.

2. Design a Great Website

An SEO-backed website is another key part of ICO marketing. As an ICO launcher, you and your team have to create a stronghold impression on the target audience. Make sure you develop a well-optimized website that showcases the true potential of your Initial Coin Offering.

SEO plays a pivotal role in the unregulated world of cryptocurrency. It adds credibility and stability to ICO launch campaigns by gaining investor’s trust. For example, ICO platforms like Urban Crypto has become a leading medium for crypto investors and ICO assessors.

3. Airdrop Campaigns

No one dislikes free stuff, and when it comes to cryptospace, people love to try free tokens. Launching an ICO can be daunting, but if you opt for an Airdrop campaign, your success chances will truly multifold. It will not only drive crypto awareness, but also raise the value of your coins.

4. Create Events on Calendars

Marketing ICOs is akin to marketing traditional products and services. Hence, you need to come with creative ways of attracting and retaining crypto investors. You need to make them wait for the ICO launch, and there’s no better way to do that than by proactively publishing events.

Using this tactic, you can hit two birds with one stone. Meaning that you won't just be generating awareness, but also convincing investors about your company’s transparency.

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