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New Cryptocurrencies to Monitor In 2022

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New Cryptocurrencies to Monitor In 2022
Cryptocurrency is a phenomenon to be reckoned with! Here are some new cryptocurrencies to be monitored for 2022.
New to CoinSmart Avalanche and Polygon

As you step into the digital age, it’s time you give up on many of your old ways to embrace the new ones. The pandemic shifted your businesses, classes, shopping, gaming, and many other activities to digital platforms. It was a new world for many, but businesses gradually accepted the new normal. Many feel online business presence worked greatly to boost sales and provided business people with an additional platform to engage with the audience differently.

Take cryptocurrency to be a part of the same digital culture. It’s simply a digital currency and is cryptographed for online use (hence the word cryptocurrency). Unlike most everyday currencies issued through the bank and have proper regulating bodies, cryptocurrency doesn’t have such a mechanism in function, possibly because it’s new to the market.

The currency’s newness has made investors apprehensive about it. While many find it a promising new venture, others feel the currency needs to make its mark in the market before gaining further investment.

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For starters, here are some new cryptocurrencies to monitor in 2022. Click here to know more about cryptocurrency.

Biteris Crypto

Introduced by the Biteris bank, Biteris is a stable coin introduced to help customers, bankers, and affiliates to operate digitally with ease. The coin has a worth of $1.

The currency is specifically beneficial for clients dealing with the Biteris Bank. The currency is also locality specialized based on Biteris projects. The Bank also guarantees zero fraud for anyone who trades in Biteris crypto. The bank is gradually expanding its market and providing crypto loans for its customers.

If the bank continues to team up with online crypto directories, it can attract even more buyers in the coming years.


The stability of cryptocurrencies plays a huge role in their buying and selling. Crypto coins look for an external affiliate like the US dollar for stability. Fixed stable coins come at a fixed market price to stabilize their worth in the crypto market.

Terra was created by Terraform labs in 2018 and is relatively newer than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Terra is a stable coin affiliated with external sources like the US dollar.

People in crypto love Terra. The coin comes with great features and with many interesting applications.


Solana is a decentralized blockchain platform and a newbie to the crypto world. Blockchains are online reserves of information about users and their transactions. You may as well understand them as data files for each company’s users, their investment, and their transactions. Solana is a similar blockchain.

The market cap of Solana is estimated to be around 47 billion dollars with a transaction speed as fast as VISA.

In a short amount of time, the chain has come face to face with Ethereum for its capacity to launch decentralized apps in the most efficient ways.

Polka Dot

Polka dot is a young cryptocurrency developed by Parity Technologies. It equals $18.13 with a market cap of around 19 billion dollars.

The currency facilitates distributed computing. Distributed computing means that one single computer or operator will not be involved to performs all tasks. Multiple computing systems may be used to perform tasks allowing different users to share data. Similarly, a command from one computing system may help operations on other systems.

The currency was only recently listed on the Coinbase crypto exchange. In a short amount of time, it has gained a position in crypto exchanges (like stock exchanges) such as Binance, Coinbase, and DigiFinex.


Developed by Cardano Foundation, Cardano is a blockchain decentralized cryptocurrency like Solana and Polka Dot. It uses the proof-of-stake blockchain instead of the proof-of-work model. Unlike the proof-of-work system, the proof-of-stake model helps validate new blockchain transactions at the cost of your coins. Proof-of-work needs fast-paced computers to play around with equations, while proof-of-stake blockchains don’t need fast-paced computers since your own coins are at stake in them.

Cardano’s POS model gives it an edge over the established Ethereum. In the coming years, if Ethereum doesn’t switch to the proof-of-stake model, Cardano will be able to sail through without much competition.

While Cardano has made its users significant money, it’s still a volatile currency, and so are many new currencies available in the market.

The market cap of Cardano is estimated to be around $70 billion making it the third-largest cryptocurrency in the market.

Investing in cryptocurrency can be a tricky game for many. You might not even know the landscape of the market. Read more about a beginner’s guide to Coinbase and Binance to understand how crypto-trading and investment works.


Many have bet on this decentralized cryptocurrency to change the global cryptocurrency investment game. LuckyBlock is affiliated with Binance Smart Chain. It is one of those cryptos that promote worldwide lotteries using blockchain technology. The group intends to go beyond all geographical bounds to introduce the technology worldwide.

LuckyBlock’s digital lottery model offers features like profit-sharing with token holders taking core decisions of how the lottery will run and what benefits, terms, and conditions need to be laid down for the lottery.

Online gaming platforms like LuckyBlock are known for the variation and choice they offer their participants. Anyone from any part of the world can participate and expect a completely transparent mechanism for the game. You can easily buy lottery tickets with your crypto wallet or Lucky Block token.

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